LVN Nurse Refresher Course 100% Online with Bonus Content 30 CEU’s

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Avid Health Educational Services: LVN 100% Online Refresher Course

 Course Title:  LVN 100% Online Refresher Course

Hours: Self-Paced

Skills Practicum Hours: Zero for this course. If you would like hands on skills practice, please view out Hybrid course

Prerequisites: Current LVN License; If your nursing license is suspended please contact your Board of Nursing before signing up for this course to ensure it is accepted. Your Nursing License will be verified

Course Description:

This self-paced course is designed for LVN’s who have been away from the bedside for at least 6 months and need to refresh their clinical skills related to the nurse’s role within the clinical setting. This course will address nursing care issues from a physiologic, pathophysiologic, and psychosocial context. Students will be presented with up-to-date knowledge, which will allow them to think critically and reason through clinical situations. 

Course Objectives:  Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the LVN in different Healthcare settings
  • Describe the basic concepts of nursing including healthcare delivery, health education, nursing process, and health promotion.
  • List 3 concepts and challenges regarding patient management, such as fluid and electrolyte balance and distribution, and pain management.
  • Describe the role of the nurse in various peri-operative settings and the nurse’s impact on patient safety.
  • Discuss aspects of cancer care and special nursing needs of patients with cancer.
  • Discuss how scientific evidence improves the relevance and efficacy of nursing skills.
  • Describe the six steps of evidence-based practice.
  • Discuss ways to apply evidence in nursing practice.
  • Describe the importance of identifying outcomes in the evaluation after evidence-based practice has been implemented.
  • Demonstrate how to competently and safely perform the skills of admitting, transferring and discharging patients.
  • Describe and demonstrate how to establish the nurse-patient relationship using therapeutic communication.
  • Describe how to communicate with a cognitively impaired patient.
  • Describe the importance of communicating with colleagues.
  • Safely prioritize patients within a simulated environment
  • Safely perform the following: Giving a hand-Off report, documenting nurses’ progress notes, adverse event reporting, proper delegation
  • Discuss guidelines related to electronic health record (EHR) and HIPAA.
  • Describe the LVN’s role within the interdisciplinary team

Course Materials: Videos will upload to the learner’s dashboard within 10 mins of purchase

Course Attendance Policy: This course is 100% online

Examination Policy: Students will complete a final exam prior to completing this course

Teaching Method: Information will be taught to students using a variety of methods.

  • Skills videos demonstration: Students will receive a step by step guide on how to complete each skill
  • Videos, Audio and written Case Studies: Case studies will be used to assess the student’s level of critical thinking in a variety of patient situations see examples below.